Saving Lives Everyday…

The Department of Emergency Medicine at Medica Superspecialty Hospital consists of a dedicated team of physicians, nurses, residents, five highly skilled emergency medicine specialists, and experts from each medical and surgical specialty. They all come together to treat critically ill or injured adults and children. Our team brings to the table an extraordinary blend of knowledge, skill, and compassion for every patient we serve at our ‘Level 1 Emergency Services’

Medica Emergency Department is prepared and equipped to provide comprehensive and efficient emergency care to patients in need of medical and surgical intervention to treat critical and acute illnesses and injuries 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Emergency Services at the Department are designed to treat the full spectrum of patient emergency requirements. It plays a pivotal role in the Medica health care system, medical education programs, and research efforts. Medica’s Department of Emergency Medicine, in its constant endeavour towards reaching newer heights of excellence in patient care, has been recognized for its program ‘International Masters in Emergency Medicine’ in association with George Washington University, apart from its regular programmes for emergency medical trainees and nurses.

Services Available:

  • World-class Emergency and Trauma Care [Adult And Paediatric]
  • Fully Equipped Emergency Department with Ventilator Facility [Artificial Respirator]
  • Advance Life Support Trained Nurses
  • Telemedicine Support from Emergency Consultants
  • Emergency Dialysis
  • Free Transport by BLS Ambulance
  • 24×7 Emergency Consultant Support
  • 24×7 Trauma Team Support
  • 24×7 Superspeciality Support
  • 24×7 Ambulance Service Support

     – Advanced Cardiac Ambulances
     – Portable Ventilators
     – Trained Paramedics
     – ACLS , BLS, and ATLS Trained Doctors

24×7 Helpline – (033) 66520100

In times of illness, injury, or emergency, when everyone is counting seconds… YOU CAN COUNT ON US!

From minor injuries to sudden illnesses or even life-saving trauma care, we stand ready to treat patients 24×7 with compassion as well as competence.

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