Medica’s state-of-the-art diagnostic wing is equipped with the latest technology and the best skill sets to deliver excellence in service and care. Early and accurate diagnosis is the key to success in treatment. Medica has invested in high-end machines and the best clinical expertise to ensure the best results.

Medica Diagnostics and Information Centre has been envisaged as a chain of health centres across eastern India with the purpose of increasing accessibility to superspecialised healthcare. Planned as a franchisee model, the centres will serve as a collection centre connected to the group’s state-of-the-art Pathology Department, reputed for its modern techniques and superior clinical skills, ensuring accuracy. The Centres will also serve as information units for all the Hospitals of the Group, help with appointments/bookings, and provide transport aid in times of medical emergencies.

Medica Lab Services

NABL accredited state-of-the-art diagnostic facility providing comprehensive lab services, with highest quality protocols, ensuring accurate results

Haematology Lab
The lab has 5 part fully automated cell counter based on flow cytometry principle, Automated ESR instrument which provides ESR result in 25 minutes, Automated coagulometer and Electrophoresis (Biorad) for accurate result

Biochemistry Lab
The Biochemistry Lab here is equipped with a fully automated random access analyzer and Electrolyte analyzer that can analyze Na+/K+/Ca++/Li+ & Ionized Calcium

Histopathology & Cytology Lab
The Automated tissue processor is capable of providing best results within 24 hours

Immunoassay Test Lab
Equipped with both EIA and CLIA for detection of Hormones, tumour markers and Infectious Serology (to detect viral, fungal, parasitic infections)

HLA & Molecular Lab
HLA Typing (Luminex method)
DSA Crossmatch (Luminex method)
Single Antigen Crossmatch (Luminex method)
CDC Crossmatch (Serological method)
Real Time PCR Quatification of HCV, HBV, CMV, BKV

Immunofluorescence Lab
Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to detect Transplant rejections, autoimmune markers like ANA, dsDNA, p-ANCA, c-ANCA

Microbiology Lab
The microbiology lab at Medica is equipped with automated continuous monitoring of blood and sterile body fluid culture system, automated aerobic, anaerobic bacteria and fungus identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing systems which produce result within 30 days

Latest technology that ensures fast and accurate diagnosis

  • RIA
  • HPLC
  • IFA
  • Electrophoresis
  • Flowcytometry
  • Immunoflorescence
  • Wet Biochemistry
  • Barcoded cassette

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