Cocktail Antibody Therapy for Covid-19

Cocktail Antibody Therapy

The combination of fast-acting laboratory-made antibodies has gone from a “rarely used” to a “widely used” therapy. Treating doctors have begun to use it as a first-line treatment, primarily for patients who meet the therapy’s criteria.

Eligibility for Antibody Cocktail for Covid

  • Mild cases of Covid
  • Patients with high-risk
  • Adults & children above 12
  • Patients who don’t require oxygen support

When to Then to Take The Dose

  • Within 7 Days from the onset of symptoms


Step 1:
For new registrations,visit our website, or call us on our registered phone number, 9230089704

Step 2:
Our representative will request you to provide the following information during registration:

  • RTPCR/CBNAAT report
  • Doctor’s prescription
  • Medical history including current symptoms, SpO2 levels, and comorbidity
  • Adhar
  • Address and contact details
  • Any other medical reports

Step 3:
Once your registration request is approved, our representative will share the confirmation details of your scheduled visit via sms or call.

  • No Scars or Cuts or Stitches
  • No Blood 
  • No Pain
MSH Cocktail Antibody
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6 Hours Procedure


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