Planning a baby? Have you thought about your preconception health? Bannner

Planning a baby? Have you thought about your preconception health?


Every parent wants a healthy baby. Yet, how many of us spare a thought for the fact that the health of the newborn is tied to the health of the parent, particularly the mother? Preconception care mainly focuses on the things a woman can do in relation to her health to increase the chances of having a healthy baby. The requirements of each woman are different, and particular to her clinical, social and behavioural status.
If you are planning a baby, then it is important to talk to your Doctor and seek her/his advise on preconception care

Preconception Counseling: Who needs it?

  • Adviced for all women planning a baby – you may not be aware of the existence of any complications in you or your partner that may affect your baby’s health. Your Doctor would know how to identify these problems and deal with them
  • Women with previous history of miscarriage
  • Women with previous history of complicated/difficult pregnancy
  • Women with previous history of diseases that have been successfully treated (like Breast cancer)
  • Women with other known medical conditions like Diabetes, Thyroid Disorder, Hypertension, Seizure Disorder, Arthritis etc.
  • Women who are underweight or overweight
  • Women who are habitual smokers, drink alcohol or have a history of drug addiction
  • Women who live and work in high stress or abusive environments
  • Women with a family history of medical complications (a sister with a heart problem, a brother who is a diabetic, etc.)

Who do you need to go to for Preconception Counseling?


Your Gynaecologist is your first and most important counselor. He/she will speak to you and your partner at length, discuss your medical history, ask you questions about your family’s medical history, examine you and prescribe some tests based on your specific needs. If your test results show no abnormality, then the Doctor would advise you to visit a nutritionist, physical therapist and counselor, who would help you prepare for your pregnancy by recommending the correct diet, exercises and mind training to keep you fit and healthy.