‘‘My husband was in Medica recently, for knee surgery. He is also full of praise (so are we all) for this really top grade Specialty Hospital. Not only does it have every comfort and facility needed for patients and their families, and for visitors who need to spend long hours in the waiting are. Even more important is the pleasant, helpful behavior of the staff who often have to deal with unreasonable demands and people who keep asking endless questions. It is commendable that they have such experts on their team and have managed to motive the staff at all levels to be so good in dealing with multiple problems and people! Even the food was excellent! My husband was admitted on Thursday (after a fall in the bathroom), operated on – by Dr.Vikas Kapoor – on Saturday, and was home on Monday! Dr. Kapoor was most caring and understanding, and so is the Physiotherapist who comes home, and even the home attendant provided by their home department is competent as well as caring!

In fact, I would say that the Medica team seem to have taken a leaf out of the Hospitality sector, in the way they serve their guests with so much excellent care and courtesy!’’

Purnima L. Toolsidass

‘‘Special thanks to all my night shift nurses. Without you all I might not be able to stand up again. Not only me, but everyone in my room appreciated the nurses. Thank You once again. God Bless you all.’’

Mr. Suraj Dhopi

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