Care, Treatment and Counseling for Psychological Problems

Approximately 23% of adults seeking medical help suffer from psychiatric disorders. One-third of the adolescent population have the same problem, as do about a quarter of children aged between 7-12 years.

Across all age groups people visiting doctors with unspecific physical symptoms are often found to be suffering from psychiatric disorders. Anxiety disorders are most frequent followed by symptoms arising from misuse of alcohol and drugs. Mood disorders (depression and bipolar disorders) come next, while cases of obsessional disorders and schizophrenia, though still rare, are alarmingly on the rise. Dementia and other cognitive disorders are also becoming a part of our life with increasing age of survival and rising levels of stress.

Depressive Disorder

  • It affects about 10 to 15% of the population in a lifetime. It is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide and as projected by the WHO is set to become the second leading cause of disability after heart disease by 2020.
  • Depression and medical illness co-exist and frequently complicate each other. Depression increases the morbidity and mortality associated with other physical illnesses (cardiac, neurological and others) if not treated adequately.
  • Suicide was the 11th leading cause of death in US in 2004, a situation, unfortunately likely to be replicated soon the world over, including in India.



Dr. Abir Mukherjee
Designation: Sr. Consultant
Qualification: MD (Psychiatry), DNB, MRC (Psych)

Dr. Sujata Ghosh
Designation: Consultant
Qualification: DMRD, PLAB, Diploma in Clinical Psychiatry

Dr. Ayanangshu Nayak
Designation: Consultant
Qualification: MRC Psychology, CCT in General Adult Psychiatry with Endorsement in Liaison Psychiatry

Dr. Saurav Das
Designation: Consultant
Qualification: MD, Certification Courses in Addiction Medicine, Certification Courses in Cultural Psychiatry

Dr. Arijit Dutta Chowdhury
Designation: Neuro Psychiatrist
Qualification: M.D. (Psychiatry), DPM

Dr. Ranjan Ghosh
Designation: Sr. Consultant 
Qualification: MBBS, MD (Psychiatry) American Board Certified in Adult & Paediatric Psychiatry


Dr. Anupam Das
Designation: Clinical Psychologist, Neuropscycometry
Qualification: B.Sc, M.Sc, M.Phil, Phd

Dr. Anuttama Banerjee
Designation: Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Qualification: B.A. (Psychology), M.A. (Applied Psychology), Ph.D. (Applied Psychology)

Dr. Sujata Das
Designation: Consultant
Qualification: B.A. (Psychology), M.A (Psychology), Ph.D in Psychology

Ms. Jaita De Mullick
Designation: Consultant
Qualification: BA, MS, SENCO

Ms. Sarla Totla 
Designation:  Counselor (Visiting)-  Stress Management Clinic
Qualification: BA, Diploma in Stress Management

Ms. Nikita Jalan
Designation: Visiting Consultant 
Qualification: Psychology 

Ms. Anusheela Brahmachari
Designation: Consultant, Sports Psychologist & Councellor
Qualification: MA (Psy), MS (Sports Psy, Sweden), MSc (Sport Intervention, Germany)

Ms. Piya Banerjee
Designation: Clinical Psychologist
Qualification:Certified RECBT Practitioner,AEI, New York, MA (Clin. Psy) P.G.D.P.C.B.A. Psychology (Hons)

Ms.  Jhuma Basak
Designation: Consultant (Visiting)
Qualification:BA Honours( Comparative Literature), MA in Comparative Literature, Ph.D in Psychology,  Psychoanalyst, Member of the International Psychoanalytical Association, London, Training Analyst, Indian Psychoanalytical Society, Calcutta

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