Antenatal Clinic to Deal with Foetal Abnormalities

Neonatology is a sub-specialty of Paediatrics that deals with children from birth until one month of age. In the last decade or so, this specialty has emerged as a separate entity from the other areas of child healthcare, and has gained enormous momentum all over the country. This is mostly because the diseases and their treatment in this age group are very different from those of older children. Care to such sick newborns is best provided in an infrastructure which is particularly designed & created keeping tender newborns in mind, and by a committed team of physicians who are specially trained in the science of newborns, both in India and overseas.

Medica Superspecialty Hospital opens the doors of its stateof-art NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) to the newborns of Kolkata, Eastern India and rest of the country. The NICU houses 20 beds with all the modern gadgets like conventional ventilator, High Frequency Oscillator (HFO), Inhaled Nitric Oxide (iNO), Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), pneumatic chute etc, in an ambience which is very soothing and comforting to the distressed family.

Newborns warrant intensive care & monitoring in NICU if they suffer from the following:

  • Born too soon (premature babies)
  • Born too small (small for age babies)
  • Born with birth defect in brain, spine, heart,
  • lungs, kidney, abdomen etc
  • Failure to cry after birth (deprivation of blood &/or oxygen supply before, during or after birth)
  • Dullness and refusal to feed (infection)
  • Breathing difficulty (premature lungs, pneumonia, meconium aspiration)
  • Blue baby (Cardiac disease, PPHN)
  • Miscellaneous disorders

Facilities available

Neonatal Intensive Care

NICU is conveniently located on the 2nd floor of the hospital, which also has the labour room and the operation theatre. This makes the movement of newborn babies requiring intensive care &/or monitoring much easier. The area admits babies requiring all levels of care (SCBU, NICU etc), and is divided into 4 different sections to segregate freshly born babies from those who carry infection. Minutest details have been paid due attention in designing this place, so that quality & safety meet aesthetics & comfort very effectively and efficiently.

Specialised Team

Your tiny one gets round-the-clock care by a team of dedicated professionals (senior consultants, registrars, nurse in-charge, other nurses, secretary, counselor etc). Every member of the team is experienced in taking care of newborns with critical illnesses. Both the parents and referring physician get daily updates by the consultant incharge of the child’s progress.


  • Technological & human excellence in saving newborn lives
  • Direct supervision of full-time senior consultant Neonatologist – Paediatrician specially trained in care of newborns
  • Clear communication with parents, with complete transparency & accountability
  • Daily counseling session with parents
  • 24×7 access to newborns for mothers
  • Antenatal clinic for parents to deal with foetal abnormalities detected on USG
  • Consultation with a fetal medicine expert
  • High-risk follow-up clinic for NICU graduates

All these come at a cost affordable by all communities and strata

Neonatal Transport Services

A significant number of “out-born” newborns (i.e., those born in other maternity homes or hospitals) require to be transferred emergently to a tertiary care centre, often because of medical, surgical, or rapidly emerging postpartum problems. Safe and timely inter-facility transport has been shown to improve outcomes for the smallest and most critically ill neonates. Medical transport of this high-risk and critically-ill population requires skilled personnel and specialized equipment.

We transport sick newborns with utmost care and compassion, using a composite transport unit or “Mobile NICU bed” which basically comprises of a transport incubator, transport ventilator, cardiac monitor, syringe pumps, emergency resuscitation and medicine kit. Upon request by the referring physician (obstetrician or paediatrician), our transport team (qualified paediatrician and nurse) reaches the place of delivery in the shortest possible time, stabilizes the infant, reports to the Senior Newborn Specialist at Medica Hospital and transports the infant, following his advice, in a safe and cozy environment.




Dr. Ashok Mittal
Designation: Head – Dept. of Neonatology & Perinatal Medicine
Qualification: MBBS, MD (Paediatrics), Fellowship in Neonatology (UK), Integrated Fellowship in Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine (University of Toronto, Canada)

Dr. Samuel Vaddeswaram
Designation: Consultant
Qualification: MBBS, DCH, AACME (Neonatology)

Dr. Pankaj Kumar
Designation: Jr. Consultant
Qualification: MBBS, DCh, DNB Training (Paediatrics) 

Dr. Pankaj Kumar Halder
Designation: Visiting Consultant
Qualification: MBBS, MS (General Surgery) & M. Ch (Paediatric Surgery)



Dr. Anindya Chattopadhyay
Designation: Paediatric Surgeon
Qualification: MS, MCH (Paediatric Surgery)

Dr. Shibsankar Barman
Designation: Consultant  (Visiting)
Qualification: MS (General Surgery), M.Ch (Paediatric Surgery)

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