Comprehensive Heart Check-up

Alarming Heart Facts!

Alarming Heart Facts
  • India is set to become the heart disease capital of the world
  • Heart disease is more prevalent in the younger generation in India
  • The risk of heart disease is highest in the urban population
  • Sedentary lifestyle, bad eating habits and stress are the major causes of heart disease in the young
  • A spiral in Diabetes and Hypertension has increased risk of heart disease
  • Women also are increasingly becoming prone to heart disease
  • Heart attack deaths have increased phenomenally, and mostly in the young
  • Around 60% of heart attacks are silent, they happen without a prior warning

Importance of a Comprehensive Heart Check-up

High blood pressure, high blood sugar, smoking habit, lack of exercise, obesity and family history are all risk factors that make us vulnerable to heart disease. Yet lack of awareness, and sometimes apathy towards our health stops us from taking the first step towards Preventive Healthcare. Medica’s ‘Comprehensive Heart Check-up Package’ can help you get a clear understanding of your heart’s health.

Regular checking of certain parameters, and adhering to the Doctor’s advice, can go a long way in keeping our heart healthy.

Medica Comprehensive
Heart Check Package

Total Cost Rs 9330/-
Our Offer Rs 5700/-

CBC | Blood Sugar (F&PP) | Urea | Creatinine | Sodium, Potassium | Lipid Profile | Liver Function Test | Blood Group & Rh Typing | Urine R/E | Stool R/E | ECG | TMT | Echocardiography (SCR) | Chest X-ray | USG of Whole Abdomen (Screening) | PFT | Genetic Counselling

The Medica Wellness Team

Your Doctor
He/she will discuss the test results and advise on the future course of action

Your Nutritionist
Will discuss with you and formulate a diet schedule best suited to your equirements

Your Therapist
Will work with you to prepare a routine that will keep you healthy

Your Counselor
Your physical health is often a reflection of your mental health. Your Counselor will help you identify the problem areas and discuss solutions

Your Genetic Counselor
Detecting and treating inherited disease risks is an important part of preventive health check. Our Genetic Counselor will interpret your and your family’s medical history and discuss the risks of occurrence or re-occurrence of any disease.

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