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Following are the details of the contests:

Fancy Dress Contest

Be anything you want to be! Dress up in your colourful best and stun the world!
Participants need to arrive dressed in their costumes

Lil Chef Contest

Bring out the chef in you and rustle up some fun!
Participants must carry the cooking ingredients
Hot-pots will be provided by Medica (if required)
Cooking Time 2 hours 30 minutes

Drawing Contest

Attention Lil Picassos! Gear up with your drawing tools and let your canvas do the talking!
Medica will provide the chart papers.
Participants must carry the drawing materials.

Wall Graffiti Contest

Liven up the walls with your arty side and paint the day in your true colors!
Participants will get a ready graffiti wall
Participants must carry their drawing materials

Talent Contest

Show us what you got little powerhouses! You got just 3 minutes though!
Each participant will get 3mins max time to perform

Fun Corner