Statistics have shown that India is on the threshold of an epidemic of cardiovascular disease. It is believed that soon it will become the heart disease capital of the world.

Compared to the growing concern, there is still a marked lack of awareness and this has resulted in a steep growth in the mortality rate owing to heart attack in the age group 40-60. It has become imperative for all healthcare providers to take up the challenge of increasing awareness and proving the necessary support to combat this alarming trend.

Working towards this goal, Medica Superspecialty Hospital launched the ‘Chest Pain Rapid Responder service’ on 19th December. The service was formally launched by actor Victor Banerjee, who spoke about the great need of such a service in Kolkata and said he wholeheartedly supported Medica’s endeavour.

Heart Attack Treatment should begin within the Golden Hour (90 minutes from onset)

Recognising the symptoms of a heart attack and immediately transferring the victim to a cardiac specialty can help in significantly reducing the mortality rate. Medica’s Chest Pain Responder facility has been initiated with the aim of reaching immediate emergency care to the patient. Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) ambulances will be placed at strategic positions in the city to enable quick response (within 10 minutes) to emergency calls when Heart Attack is suspected.

The service was introduced by Dr Alok Roy. The ambulances are fitted with the most advanced equipment and specially trained staff for handling cardiac emergencies. Treatment will be initiated at the victim’s doorstep by our Emergency Medicine Technicians, under the supervision of Cardiologists through in-built video conferencing facility in the Ambulance. ECG will be done and the report transmitted immediately to the Doctor, who in turn will advise on the necessary course of action.

Senior Cardiologist Dr Sunip Banerjee explained that in case of a major heart attack, Primary Angioplasty within the Golden Period of 3-6 hours is the most effective procedure for saving irreversible damage to the heart. Talking about Medica’s advanced cardiac emergency services, he said, “We ensure the fastest door to balloon time.

Also present at the launch of the programme were Mr Gaurav Swarup, MD, Paharpur Cooling Towers, Senior Cardiac Surgeon and Interventional Cardiologist Dr Dilip Kumar.

In The News – Launch of Medica Chest Pain Rapid Responder Service


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