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Chest pain rapid responder programme



India is at the threshold of an epidemic of Cardiovascular Diseases. It is believed that soon it will become the heart disease capital of the world. Some facets of the condition in India are of serious concern – the early onset of disease in people, and the high mortality rate.


Chest-img1Heart diseases occur in India at an early age 10 to 15 years earlier than in the West

Indians fall prey to Diabetes at a relatively young age (about 45 years), which increases their risk of heart disease

Compared to the growing concern, there is still a marked lack of awareness and this has resulted in a steep growth in the mortality rate owing to Heart Attack, in the age group 40-60.

Heart Attack treatment should begin within the Golden Hour (90 minutes from onset)

Chest-img2Recognising the symptoms of a Heart Attack and immediately transferring the victim to a cardiac specialty, can help in significantly reducing the mortality rate.

While Chest Pain or discomfort is the most common symptom of a Heart Attack, unusual fatigue, sweating or shortness of breath, neck and jaw pain are also known symptoms, particularly in women.


Symptoms of Heart Attack


  • Sudden sensation of tightening, crushing or pressure in the chest
  • Chest discomfort spreading to the jaw, left arm, or between the shoulder blades
  • Nausea, dizziness, sweating, racing heart or shortness of breath
  • Imminent sense of doom

This service provides the need of reaching immediate care to patients

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) ambulances will be placed at strategic positions in the city to enable quick response (within 10 minutes) to emergency calls, when Heart Attack is suspected.

Our ACLS ambulances are fitted with the most advanced equipment and specially trained staff (Doctor, nurse and technicians) for handling Cardiac Emergencies.

MEDICA Cardiac Rapid Action Team will be with you in 10 mins*

Service available within 10 km radius of Medica *Subject to traffic conditions

Treatment Will Begin in the Ambulance


  • ECG will be taken immediately
  • Our team will work towards reducing the patient’s pain or discomfort
  • Constant interaction with specialists at Medica through video conferencing in the ambulance
  • Resuscitation and revival by trained personnel if the patient goes into cardiac arrest

After Reaching the Hospital

Chest-img5After confirming Heart Attack, our highly experienced and skillful team of Cardiologists will ensure the commencement of treatment required, based on the intensity of the attack and the patient’s condition.
Primary Angioplasty, a procedure to re-open the blocked coronary artery, is usually the preferred treatment in case of major Heart Attacks.

Primary Angioplasty is performed during Heart Attack. In case of major Attacks, some muscles get damaged, and unaffected muscles have to keep pumping, to keep the Heart beating. The faster the blockage is cleared, the greater is the chance of saving the muscles. Primary Angioplasty should be performed within the Golden Period, of 3-6 hours, for the best possible outcome. Medica’s latest generation Cathlabs are geared 24×7 to handle all Heart emergencies.