( April 2016 – March 2017)

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(For the Month of December 2016)

1. Name and address of the Health Care Unit: Medica Superspecialty Hospital, 127, Mukundapur, EM Bypass, Kolkata. Contact No.: 033-66520000

2.Category of Waste (As per Schedule-I of the Rule) generated and quantity for the month of November 2016.

Category Waste Quantity Category Waste Quantity
Category No.1 1503 kg. Category No.6 675 kg.
Category No.2 N/A Category No.7 5935 kg.
Category No.3 1000 kg. Category No.8 2,60,000/day Ltr.
Category No.4 2418 kg. Category No.9 N/A
Category No.5 630 kg. Category No.10 N/A

Note: All quantities to be given in Kg., except Category No.8, which will be in Ltrs.

3. Category-wise total quantity of waste treated / Sent to common BMW treatment facility.

(i) Incineration / Burial (Yellow bag …4596…Kg, (own facility / common BMW treatment facility).

(ii) Autoclave /Microwave:

(a) Blue bag: ……5935…. kg. (own facility / common BMW treatment facility)

(b) Sharp container: ….846…… (own facility / common BMW treatment facility)

4. Any other relevant information.

5. Certified that the above report is for the month of December 2016.


Komal Dashora
Group Head – Legal & Compliance

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